I'm Delisa Payne

I am a guru web developer.

I develop on many platforms

from Wordpress to WIX.


Meet the NERD

Autism Mom of Two 

Serial Entrepreneur

Tech Developer

Nerdz World's CEO

Transcript:  Black Women Who Are Tech Trailblazers

Delisa Payne, the Nerd

Interviewer: What do you do in your free time, outside of Nerdz World?

"I love to buy entrepreneur and self-growth books, although I said this year I would start reading more."

Interviewer: Do you have any charities that steal your heart?

"Being that I am an autistic mother of two little girls, I am the founder of a nonprofit called D.T.E.A.M Inc.. I find different problems that autistic families struggle with daily, and try to solve them using technology. We also give autistic families a platform to be creative, solve problems, produce awareness, and encourage our kids to be creative without judgement."

Interviewer: Do you only go by Delisa or do you have a nickname most people call you?

"Yea, my whole family and friends call me Delee (Dee - Lee), given to me by my mom."

Interviewer: You must really enjoy school, how many degrees do you hold? 

" Yea, I love learning, especially topics that interest me. I went to school for Mech. Engr, CAD, Design Technology, Information Systems. Project Management and Architecture (way too many degrees)... way too many degrees I don't use! (Laughing) I taught myself how to code in the middle of the night watching Youtube and Udemy courses, (Laughing) for free." 

Interviewer: Where are you from"

"Evansville, Indiana (a very, very small town)"

Interviewer: We all know you are very smart, do you have any strengths that we may not know about?

"Yes, I love lifting weights, I'm the one most of my family call when they need something heavy moved."

Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?

"Public Speaking, overthinker, perfectionist, don't sleep much due to the excitement of tech projects."



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