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Transcript:  Black Women Who Are Tech Trailblazers

Delisa Payne, the Nerd

Interviewer: What do you do in your free time, outside of Nerdz World?

"I love to buy entrepreneur and self-growth books, although I said this year I would start reading more."

Interviewer: Do you have any charities that steal your heart?

"Being that I am an autistic mother of two little girls, I am the founder of a nonprofit called D.T.E.A.M Inc.. I find different problems that autistic families struggle with daily, and try to solve them using technology. We also give autistic families a platform to be creative, solve problems, produce awareness, and encourage our kids to be creative without judgement."

Interviewer: Do you only go by Delisa or do you have a nickname most people call you?

"Yea, my whole family and friends call me Delee (Dee - Lee), given to me by my mom."

Interviewer: You must really enjoy school, how many degrees do you hold? 

" Yea, I love learning, especially topics that interest me. I went to school for Mech. Engr, CAD, Design Technology, Information Systems. Project Management and Architecture (way too many degrees)... way too many degrees I don't use! (Laughing) I taught myself how to code in the middle of the night watching Youtube and Udemy courses, (Laughing) for free." 

Interviewer: Where are you from"

"Evansville, Indiana (a very, very small town)"

Interviewer: We all know you are very smart, do you have any strengths that we may not know about?

"Yes, I love lifting weights, I'm the one most of my family call when they need something heavy moved."

Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?

"Public Speaking, overthinker, perfectionist, don't sleep much due to the excitement of tech projects."

Meet the NERD

Autism Mom of Two 

Serial Entrepreneur

Tech Developer

Nerdz World's CEO